Tazmyn Ozga

writer & author

What do you do when your partner is polyamorous and you aren’t? 

This is the question author Tazmyn Ozga began to ask herself in 2015 when, after 25 years of a monogamous marriage, her husband declared his need to be polyamorous and free to have multiple relationships. Their decision to stay together and try to make it work began her journey of learning about polyamory through reading and research, and life experiences and lessons. 

Mono in a Poly World is a guidebook and resource for those navigating the path of monogamous-polyamorous relationships. 

This book covers the basics of polyamory as well as the issues that make mono-poly relationships unique and challenging. Additionally, best practices and worst practices in consensual non-monogamy are explored, providing a roadmap for healthy relationships with compromises that can meet the needs of both partners.

Whether your long-term monogamous relationship is transforming into a mono-poly one, or you are entering into a new relationship, this book can serve as a useful guide. While Mono in a Poly World is written from a monogamous perspective, a polyamorous partner can also read and learn how to better navigate this special dynamic. The goal is mutual: loving partners happy together, despite their differences.

Tazmyn Ozga is a writer, blogger, poet and artist living in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Photos by Renee Fischer, Aung Soe Min and Amy Shamblen, courtesy of Unsplash.com

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